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Welcome to the weekly J+L Lifestyle blog.

While our home page screams activewear, J+L Lifestyle is more than the garments you see. Our aim is to add the life to style by providing a range of health and wellness information for you and your kids. You’ll notice our garments come with swing tags containing sunflower seeds – our way of encouraging kids to get outside and experience nature. Kids are pretty amazed by sunflowers! Our Instagram and Facebook accounts contain delicious food ideas, yoga poses, exercise tips, nutrition news, fun activities and real life parenting experiences to inspire you and your family to enjoy the simple things in life. We like to call it the J+L Lifestyle. And we’ll also be posting this weekly wellness blog.


Each Wednesday, we’ll be publishing a new post on topics like nutrition, exercise, yoga, camping with kids, wellness products, activities to do with kids and more. We’ll also reveal who is behind the J+L Lifestyle brand – the designer, photographer and makers. Topics we’ll share over the next couple of weeks include a easy and tasty way to introduce nuts to your family, how to grow your own sunflowers, a delicious pesto pasta recipe your kids will love and camping in Byron Bay. We have so many topics to share with you, but we also want to make sure we’re covering the topics you want to know about. So please get in touch either by email or commenting on our social media accounts with any ideas you have to make J+L Lifestyle your brand. We value your input and look forward to hearing from you!

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