How To Make Your Own Toy Box

Sick of stepping on your kid’s toys? This DIY toy box not only looks good, it’s also super easy to make. Here we show you how.


6 x fence palings
8 x screws
Wood glue
Small nails
Wood putty
Paint (undercoat and colour of your choice)

Cordless drill
Electric sander and sand paper
Nail Punch
Paint brush

How To Make Your Toy Box

Wood pieces1. Cut everything to length. You can make the toy box any size you choose, but the one in this picture is L580mm x W490mm x H210mm. The measurements of the pieces are as follows:
– 4 x long front and back sides (each L580mm x W90mm)
– 5 x bottom pieces (each L580mm x W90mm)
– 4  x short end pieces (each L 460mm x W90mm)
– 4 x small pieces for corner braces (each L190mm x W45mm)

Corner braces2. Place two of the short end pieces side by side. Add wood glue to one side of the smallest pieces and place one piece on each end of the coupled end pieces. Make the corner braces by screwing the smallest pieces to the end pieces with the cordless drill. The end result looks like the picture on the right.

3. Attach the long front and back pieces by placing wood glue on the ends of the short end pieces, attaching the long pieces of timber and then hammering nails through to join pieces together. Continue to attached all front and back side pieces to both end pieces.

4. Once you have a rectangle box, place wood glue around the entire edge of the bottom of your box and stick on your 5 bottom pieces. Secure them by hammering in nails.

Complete toy box5. Punch down all nails by using a nail punch and hammer. Even the surface by adding wood putty to all holes. All to dry before sanding ready for your undercoat of paint.

6. Apply undercoat and allow to dry. Sand and apply coloured paint of choice. All to dry. Apply two more coats of paint, allowing to dry between coats and sanding as needed.

7. Meanwhile, paint letters any colour your choose. Once all paint on the letters and toy box are dry, use the wood glue to attach the letters to the toy box. Allow to dry before filling with toys.Painted Toy Box

J+L Lifestyle Tip: These toy boxes are great for storing your kid’s toys in and the slide easily under a bed or cot. They’re also easy for kids to pack their toys into and put slide back under their bed or cot.