How To Grow Sunflowers

With J+L Lifestyle garments containing sunflowers seeds, here is all you need to know about how to grow them.


When you get your hands on one of our J+L Lifestyle garments, you’ll notice a gorgeous little swing tag with a sunflower seed drawn on the back. Open the tag and inside you’ll find a small handful of sunflower seeds for you to plant with your kids. (Just a reminder these seeds are only for planting, not eating). We’ve given you these sunflower seeds as a tiny thank you for your support and as a way of encouraging your kids to enjoy the wonders of nature. We chose sunflowers because with their enormous yellow flower heads they always seem to be smiling. Their ability to follow the sun across the sky is captivating for kids and adults alike.

Planting Your Sunflower Seeds
In Australia, sunflower seeds are best planted during the months of spring or early summer (think August through to January). Pick a sunny spot, as sunflowers need 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight each day. They’re best planted in soil temperatures between 10oC and 30oC, and the seed should be sowed at a depth approximately three times the diameter of the seed (½ an inch deep). Space the seeds 20-30cm apart and cover with soil. Tamp them down by hand and water them thoroughly. Make sure you water the seeds regularly and keep the bed weed free.

Helping Your Sunflowers Grow
As your sunflowers grow, give them some support by using stakes in the ground and tying your sunflowers to them with old panty hose. This will help keep them upright during wind and rain. If you want to enjoy your sunflowers in a flower arrangement, cut the main stem early in the morning, before the flower bud fully opens. This will encourage side blooms. When you notice the flower heads begin to droop and the seeds begin to brown and dry, the sunflower seeds are ready for harvesting. To harvest the seeds, cut the flowers with about two-inches of stem and hang the heads upside down until they dry out completely. You can either save the seeds for planting next season, use them as birdseed or roast them and enjoy them yourself. Just make sure you remove the hull before eating!

Share Your Sunflowers With Us
We would love to see all your beautiful sunflowers, so be sure to take photos of you planting the seeds with your kids and the gorgeous sunflowers you grow. Upload them to Instagram and tag @jandllifestyle on instagram and use the #watchmegrowjandl.

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