About Us

J+L Lifestyle is a relaxed and hassle-free kid’s activewear and lifestyle range that is stylish and comfortable enough to be worn from park to party and everywhere in between. J+L Lifestyle is more than kid’s clothes though – it also offers a healthy living blog for the whole family and all garments come with a swing tag containing sunflower seeds for planting.

J+L Lifestyle is made in Australia and comes in sizes 2-6, with the aim to expand the sizes on offer. Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, yoga teacher and mother of two, Caitlin Reid is behind J+L Lifestyle and her aim for the brand is to inspire as many kids as possible to be happy and healthy. By grabbing hold of kids’ natural ability to live in the moment and inspiring them to enjoy the simple things in life, J+L Lifestyle believes we can achieve this.

Our Story

Kids – they have this amazing ability to live in the moment. To enjoy everything that is in front of them, without any concept of time. Their infectious love for the simple things in life (everything from bubbles to butterflies) even helps us adults forget about our worries, if just for a second. How do I know this? My two gorgeous kids, Jack and Lucy, showed me.

Jack and Lucy may only be young, but they have reminded me just how important it is to give our kids the best start in life. Kids have so much to learn and they love taking everything in and being just like their parents. So it’s the perfect time to expose them to delicious and nutritious wholefoods, fun and regular exercise, the wonders of nature and the importance of chillaxing. Call it the J+L Lifestyle if you like.

I have lived in activewear pretty much my whole life; even before sports luxe became a thing. See, I’ve always loved to move and this lead me to a career as a dietitian, exercise physiologist and yoga teacher. When Jack arrived, it wasn’t long until he was crawling over weights, jumping off steps, practising his downward dogs and running absolutely everywhere he went. Problem was his pants would fall down mid stride or downward dog pose, and his trendy little clothes just didn’t seem comfortable enough to take him from party to park. This was when the idea for J+L Lifestyle popped into my head.

I wanted to develop a relaxed and hassle-free kid’s activewear and lifestyle range that also offered a tasty side of healthy living for the whole family, which is why J+L Lifestyle also offers delicious recipes and fun activities along side our activewear and lifestyle range.

At J+L Lifestyle, we want to kids to jump and laugh, to enjoy grass between their toes, to experience sand in their hair, to embrace sweat on their skin, to feel strawberry seeds between their teeth and to hear the sound of nothing but their own breathe. We would love for you and your kids to join us in adding the life to style.

About Caitlin

Caitlin Reid is a unique health professional with qualifications as an accredited practising dietitian, accredited exercise physiologist and yoga teacher. After completing her double degree at Deakin University in Victoria, Caitlin moved to Sydney in 2006 where she combined her passion for health and wellbeing with her love of writing.

Caitlin regularly provides expert comment to various media outlets, while her nutrition, fitness and health articles have featured in SMH, Women’s Fitness, UrbanSweat, Health and the City, CLEO, Dolly, Shape, Good Health, Yoga Journal, Healthy Food Guide and Good Health. Caitlin is known for her practical approach to nutrition and fitness, and her passion for making wellness part of everyday life.

In 2012, Caitlin completed her yoga teacher training at Byron Yoga Centre and currently teaches yoga to individuals and small groups. Working as a sports dietitian, Caitlin spent eight years consulting to the South Sydney Rabbitohs and today she works as the sports dietitian and yoga teacher for the NSW Swifts, is the nutrition expert for Women’s Fitness magazine, ambassador for Papaya Australia and a consultant to the food and wellness industry.

As a mum of two, Caitlin knows first hand how hectic life can be and how the best intentions for living a healthy lifestyle can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily chaos. But by refocusing on the simple things in life, Caitlin believes we can improve our own wellness and help our kids develop healthy habits and happiness along the way.

To find out more about Caitlin’s work, visit her website.

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