5 Minutes With Graphic & Fashion Designer Alison Regan

Alison Regan is the talented graphic and fashion designer behind the J+L Lifestyle designs, and here she shares a little bit about herself.


Starting out as a trainee graphic designer at a marketing agency, it wasn’t long before Alison Regan was given the opportunity to work in the fashion industry as a graphic and textile designer. Ripcurl Australia and Quiksilver are some of her past employees, while Alison now spends her time working as a freelance graphic/fashion designer with J+L Lifestyle as one of her clients.

How did you become involved with J+L Lifestyle? Haha, through my hairdresser! A client of mine (my hairdresser) recommended me to her friend and client Caitlin. I’ve worked with Caitlin for several years on various projects and then she got in touch about her new business venture J+L Lifestyle. J+L Lifestyle is a great idea and I was so excited to help promote a fashionable healthy lifestyle for kids. 

Give us a behind the scenes rundown of how you work: Caitlin and I live in different states and can you believe we have never actually met in person! We mainly chat over email and occasionally via the phone. Caitlin will send through her garment ideas and what she is thinking for the designs and then I sketch up a few ideas and then computerise them using Adobe Illustrator. I use fashion forecasting and find inspiration from Japanese streetwear and other freelance illustrators. Once I’m happy with my designs, I’ll send them to Caitlin to proof and make alterations if she needs.

Best thing about being a designer: Helping people turn their dreams into reality and then to see how passionate and excited they are about the end product.

Worse thing about being a designer: I’m a perfectionist so something that should take 10 minutes might take longer!

What do you do in your downtime? Spending time with my family, being creative, travelling to new destinations and also crossfit.

Favourite simple thing in life? Spending every moment I can with my children. Whether it’s in the kitchen, a board game, art or a walk down to the local park. We have an amazing coastline in Warrnambool and at the minute, we absolutely love sand boarding!

Check out some of Alison’s designs here.

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